Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting to Know You

Ugly fatigues and horrible hair-do or not, Agnus is the richest woman in town, so Kiplan went right back to wooing. He even apologized for his stupid behavior at the party.

Kiplan was sorry, he didn't want to screw up his chances for wealth, and he found that he actually missed holding her. He asked if he could crash on her couch that night because he wanted to stay away from Jeremy for as long as possible. 

Agnus forgave all, and said he could stay. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy was enjoying the final chapters of his romance novel and grateful for the quiet house. Dealing with mess hall duty and coming home to a house full of Kiplan has been stressing him almost to his breaking point.

After Agnes showered, she kissed Kiplan goodnight and told him to make himself at home. 

Kiplan stood in awe of the decor. Could all of this be his someday?

He made himself dinner in the top-of-the-line kitchen

And even practiced a few dance moves,

then headed upstairs to the guest room for bed.

But the only thing there was an old ratty teddy bear, and.... a baby's crib.

Why would a single woman have a crib? It gave Kiplan the creeps. 

So he called a cab and left as soon as he could.